Advertisers have traditionally viewed the tertiary years as a crucial window where life long habits are formed and loyalties are solidified. There are more than half-a-million tertiary students in Victoria. There’s never been a better time for marketing to this dynamic future AB demography.
  • Most of these students are aged between 18-25
    62% live at home increasing their disposable income
    Students try new products and embrace new ideas
    Once they lock into a brand, the commitment is usually long term.
Utimes is THE print media for advertisers wishing to connect with these consumers.
Why Advertise
Utimes is unique as it is the only publication that talks the language of all students across the state. It connects Australia’s leading brands with the Victorian student community by working with advertisers to deliver effective, credible and measurable campaigns. A gold mine for local and national marketers who want their attention.

Advertisers in Utimes
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Fact File
Frequency: Every 12 weeks during semester. (4 times a year)
Circulation: 36,000 (print media)
Readership: 100,000
Format: Trimmed tabloid magazine, full colour throughout and stapled. The magazine can also be read online at
Distribution: The ONLY comprehensively distributed student press across Victoria. Extensive distribution network with unparalleled reach into tertiary campuses and student households. Cafes, restaurants, libraries, sport complexes, bus stops, bookshops, libraries, government agencies. To view distribution outlets click here.

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Publication Dates for 2017

Semester 1
Issue Out
1101 O’Week Feb 21
1102 Autumn Apr 25

Semester 2
1103 Winter August 1
1104 Summer Oct 17